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Shimano ultegra 6800 (hereinafter referred to as UT) and SRAM force 22 (hereinafter referred to as the force) is today's highest selling highway suite, a parallel price has a very high price. If you are UT or FORCE choose to worry about, this article will tell you their characteristic, help you make more suitable for your choice. UT and FORCE are Shimano and SRAM each time the top rank suite, second only to Dura-Ace and RED, are 11 cheap foamposites speed kit. UT substation, FORCE single plate and hydraulic brake, because there is no comparison, so it does not discuss. The domestic price is too confusing, here is not too much to introduce. is a suite of two hand to use the biggest difference, not only holding the feeling is not the same, the transmission way is also completely different. The transmission mode Shimano STI is through the brake, and the brake handle inside the pad Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping dles, for exit block. Front derailleur for market and rear derailleur change greatly flywheel used is brake handle to drive transmission, and the brake is through the brake to pull back, medial paddle is for small cap or small flywheel. Shimano's mechanical variable speed highway package, which is used in such a way. use the supporting polymer wire tube, in the suite of mechanical transmission, ut variable feel very light derailleu Cheap air jordans for sale r exit block to a greater extent is almost the same. As long as the installation is correct, the transmission system in the normal state, the precision of the transmission is very high, almost can not change the speed of failure. compared to the previous UT 6700, UT 6800 of the hand, the volume of the change of the head is much smaller, and Dura-Ace 9000 has the same shape. So it will be easier to hold in hand, especially for smalle Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping r riders hands. By hand to the top of the screw, you can adjust the brake and the bend to the distance, in order to adapt to the size of the different hand. DoubleTap SRAM is at the exit block operation through a shift lever. Through the swing distance of different control into gear or reverse gears and some short change to small or small flywheel, long swing is to the market or the flywheel. SRAM all mechanical transmission highway Retro jordans for sale suite is the transmission mode. The lever and shift paddles from bending the distance are independently adjustable, rather than two adjustment. both STI and DoubleTap have a lot of fans, have their own advantages, but also have their own defects. STI may miss the brakes in the transmission, DoubleTap has the potential to change the wrong file, especially when the body is very tired. So the best way is to go to the store or car ride cheap jordan shoes for men rs to experience, know yourself more love or for which transmission mode. But there is a little DoubleTap can do.In 2015 Air Jordan Remastered series coming really let the fans quite excited, French blue color of the Air Jordan Remastered 7 "French Blue" in white and blue light collocation show, not only on behalf of the AJ7 series of 23rd anniversary anniversary, but also to Remastered series of fine details of the perfect recons Retro jordans for sale truction in our frontier. will be officially on sale in January next year, we continue to bring real rewards in advance, taste fresh. release date: January 24, 2015currently sweeping the city Rubber Duck, more footprints all over the Harbour City, and as a pioneer of street fashion has also produced a pair of Reebok GL 6000 in order to transform the Rubber Duck Shoes, sense of humor, but it really is leading the trend! You'll wa cheap jordans online nt this double cute Duck shoes? If you want to see this pair of lovely Duck shoes that you do not miss Reebok Retro Running Library. Not only has the classic Reebok sports background, more integrated into contemporary original concept, to encourage all young people to enjoy self-expression, Reebok will re-launch this summer motion of classic and trend in the fashion world for 28 years to walk the legendary Reebok GL6000, in additi cheap jordans for sale mens on to take you into the most current hot fashion trend, Reebok has always been the idea of ??a lot of appreciation and love for the young to engage in vocal disabilities, and the emergence of positive GL6000 is representing the voice of each generation of young people, so this Reebok Retro Running Library of course, invited six ICON trends from different sectors to take a cross-linking for GL6000 strong return to a refurbished 2013' cheap jordans for sale s, everyone's different styles to express the hearts of the classic Reebok Retro style: This time period of 14 days of Reebok Retro Running Library addition to the new series will be exhibited GL6000 mentioned above, the same field more display non-sale of the two original ancestors GL6000; ERS1500 belong Retro Running the latest series of the Hong Kong Special Edition Pump Fury also simultaneously debut, make a one-off public Reebok Fans enjoy three Retro Running shoes. The pictures taken inside area under your scene with classic Reebok, Reebok uploaded to social networking sites also obtain a limited edition Sticker, details can be found at the exhibition staff. Show Name: Reebok Retro Running Library Exhibition Venue: Harbour City LCX Exhibition Date: 2013 May 17 to 31 Hours: 10:00 to 22:00 Special promotion: Where to buy GL6000 or ERS1500 shoes on the floor, to get 85% discount. Where to buy GL6000 or ERS1500 shoes on the floor, to get 85% discount. & nbsp;Goodbye homer Nike Baseball Home Run Pack 2013-12-08 22:17:28 MLB 2012 on half of the season has ended, the New York Yankees ranked first with 52 wins and 33 lost record. In addition, the team's All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano, following last year's star game "Home Run Derby" after the hit 32 home runs to win this year's season, and there were 20 home runs. Can defending? To see the performance tonight Robinson Cano Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City a. In order to provide the Nike fan favorite event to pay tribute, to create a "home run" package, which includes Air Max MVP Elite 3/4 Metal Cleat and Lunar TR1 training shoe. By Flywire and Lunarlon make shoes lighter and more comfortable, but also to ensure overall stability and speed of. & nbsp;

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